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Watson Logo - Empowering Productivity and Efficiency with Remote EA Services

We're Remote.
We're Cost Savvy.
We Get Stuff Done.

We match top-tier remote talent with great companies.

Discover your Operational Warehouse

Don't see what you want?

Watson also offers expertise in Sales & Business Development Representatives (BDR), Customer service representatives, Scientific writers, Graphic Designers and many more!

How it Works


Introductory Call

Deep dive in to understand your goals, hiring needs, and company culture. This insight guides us in sourcing the perfect candidates tailored to your needs.


Curated Candidate List

Once we understand your requirements, we present you with a carefully curated list of candidates along with their rates, giving you the freedom to select the best fit for your team.



After you've chosen potential candidates, we arrange introductory calls to connect you directly and gauge compatibility.



We facilitate the onboarding process, providing guidance on how to effectively integrate them into your team.

Meet our Professionals

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